Step 1:

Learn your instrument or vocal part for the song you are recording. Please learn the exact arrangement to the song track that is provided. Click on the song below for the appropriate link!

Drums/Bass/Electric Guitar/Acoustic/Keys: Only one video
Male/Female Vocals: One video singing melody, Second Video singing harmony

Drums/Bass/Electric Guitar (Lead or Rhythm): Live to Praise You or There is Power
Keys: This I Believe or Sinking Deep
Acoustic: This I Believe or Made New
Male Vocals: Made New, Alive, or This I Believe
Female Vocals: The Stand, Holy Spirit, or What a Beautiful Name

Step 2:

Record your video playing or singing along to the track, making sure we can hear both your part and the track in the video.

– Make sure that you are completely in view in the video.
– At the start of each video state your name and the song title.

Step 3:

Save your video in the following format:

  • Firstname Lastname.mov

    It is important your file name matches the format above exactly. It also must use the same first and last name you used when you applied for Thrive School. The video must be in .mov format, not .mp4 or any other video format.

Step 4:

Upload your video below: