Thrive School's Traditional Financial Plan is for those students who are not enrolled at Southeastern University because they have met the "special circumstances" criteria.

This program fee for students not enrolled at SEU is $6,000 for the year. This does not include the required separate college tuition.


Your $500 deposit is due June 1st (see Enrollment Deposit page)

Below, you can select one of two options to pay your remaining $5,500 Thrive School program fee: 

  1. A one-time full tuition payment of $5,500 due by August 1st. 

  2. Automatic three payments of $1,833.33 each due August 1, 2019, November 1, 2019, and February 1, 2020. 


Note the following payment terms:

This payment is not tax-deductible. This payment is only refundable if the student decides to no longer attend Thrive School, notifies Thrive School, and vacates their housing arrangement.  The refundable amounts are as follows: 

  •  Leave on or before July 31 = $5,500 Refund

  • Leave on or before October 31 = $3,666.66 Refund

  • Leave on or before January 31 = $1,833.33 Refund

  • Leave on or after February 1 = $0 Refund

If a payment is not successfully completed on the scheduled day, the student will be considered on probation, which will cause them to miss certain activities or events. If the payment has not been completed after 14 days, the student will be dismissed, and any previously paid tuition will not be refunded.