In the Production Major, you'll learn the three main worlds of live production: Audio, Video, and Lighting, along with the rare skill that ties them all together: Production Management. We’ve developed a custom curriculum that will give you a solid foundation in each of these, along with opportunities to build on any specific experience you have coming into the program. Since the people teaching your classes are often the people interviewing new production staff, we know what will really make you stand out on a resumé, and versatility is at the top of the list. Our production team is responsible for over 1,000 services a year, along with massive holiday events and conferences with production at the very highest level; making these things happen alongside our experienced staff will both inspire you and drive home everything you’re learning.


  • Audio Console Layout
  • Microphones + Acoustics
  • Lighting Consoles
  • Rigging + Stagecraft
  • Troubleshooting Theory
  • Service Programming
  • Video Keying + Playback


  • Audio RF
  • System Tuning
  • DMX / Networking
  • Video Codecs + Compression
  • Stage Design
  • LED Walls + Media Servers
  • Event Production Management

In your Audio classes, you’re going to study stage management, patching and routing huge amounts of inputs, signal flow and processing, multi-console systems, PA design, and many popular mixing consoles, while getting plenty of time behind the board yourself to develop your own mixing skills.

What you see during a service is as important as what you hear – so in Lighting classes you’ll dive into rig design, data management and programming, and color theory.

And as churches (including Bayside) continue expanding to multiple video sites, a familiarity with video systems and terminology is invaluable - so you’ll work with cameras and switching equipment, graphics presentation software, and learn hands-on camera skills.

If you continue on to a second year at Thrive School to earn your Ministry Certificate, the curriculum will focus on more advanced topics, building on the foundation of your knowledge and experience during your first year.

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