COVID-19 Response

We will keep this page up to date proceeding COVID-19 news and regulations.

A letter from our team:

This season has been challenging to say the least. Understandably, many colleges are closing down. So why are we starting back up? Simply put, because we believe the world needs you.

Our mission is to develop the next generation of Christian leaders and we boldly believe that leader is you. What you’ll experience at Thrive School will change you forever. We know this from alumni. We know this from ourselves. It’s worth the hassle of facing the unknown. Showing up when it’s hard. Acting responsibly while living with purpose.

Our team is ready for you. We’re going to do Thrive School safely. We’re going to honor our leaders. And we’re going stop pushing pause on the life God’s called us to live. It’s not now or never. It’s now more than ever. Now more than ever the world needs Jesus. And we get to bring Him to them. Let’s do this.

Your Thrive School Team

Guidelines for all Thrive School activities


D Times + Intensives

  • Tu, W, Th and monthly intensives

  • Outdoors in August + September

  • Chairs 6 feet apart

  • Members of the same household can sit together

  • Masks when can’t socially distance

Discipleship Groups

  • Monday

  • Advised Outdoor

  • Advised 6 feet apart

  • Advised masks when unable to social distance

College Classes

  • Tu and Th

  • Indoors

  • Desks safely socially distanced

  • Masks when can’t socially distance

  • Homework hours will be off campus


  • Tu, W, Th, Sat. and Sun.

  • Zoom Bayside staff meeting

  • Weekly team meetings

  • Lead a small group

  • Create opportunities for people to engage digitally and in person

  • Ministry workshops taught by Bayside Campus Pastors and Intern Directors

Host Homes

  • Act responsibly to protect yourself and the members of your home

  • Hand sanitize before entering your home

  • Daily wipe down high traffic surfaces (e.g. bathroom counter)

  • Lead a small group

  • If your Host Home has COVID, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days

  • If you have COVID or have been exposed, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days

  • If you need to self-isolate, we will provide an alternative place to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if there’s another placer County stay at home order?

Thrive School will meet virtually:
+ D Group
+ D Time T/Th
+ SEU Classes

Students will need to move home unless their host home allows them to stay

Practicum will become an online classInternship will be optional

We will resume Thrive School one week after the stay at home order is lifted

Students can return to their host home one week after the stay at home order is lifted

What are you doing to minimize risk?

Daily wellness checks including taking temperatures and reporting potential exposure

Sending students and staff home that are not feeling well

Monitoring the wellness of each student and staff member to ensureIf a student or staff member does get COVID or is exposed to it, we will quickly communicate to all relevant students, host homes, and staff members.

We will ask that any student or staff member that has been exposed, self-isolate for 10 days.

We will see that each student is properly cared for if they need to self-isolate.

We’re ending the Fall semester virtually after Thanksgiving Break to reduce the risk of spread through travel

What if I’m not comfortable meeting in a group?

Meet with staff member to express concerns and create plan

Virtual attendance option at D Time and SEU classes will be offered

D Group will be required unless students are not feeling well

Can I work?

Yes. We are changing this restriction in light of the COVID season.

Students must be passing their classes.

Students commitment to Thrive School comes first.

No exception for attendance at D Group, D Time, Intensives, Internship or any scheduled Thrive School activity will be given due to a students’ job.

Under what circumstances do we offer a partial or full refund?

We will offer a partial refund of the site fee if we can’t meet in person for more than 25% of the year:

0-25% Virtual = No refund

26-50% = $500 refunded

50-75% = $1000 refunded

76-100% = $1500 refunded

I’m a parent, how do i stay up to date on COVID-19 information regarding my student?

We will devote a webpage to the latest Thrive School and COVID updatesWe would love to answer your questions!

Contact us using the form below and our staff will respond promptly. Follow Bayside’s Facebook page to see the latest on how Bayside is responding to COVID.

What if I decide Thrive School is not for me this year?

We’ll keep being your fan

We don’t like you just 'cause you’re doing Thrive School. No matter what, we are your fans, your cheerleaders, your squad.

We’ll refund your deposit

This Fall won’t look exactly like we’d hoped and we don’t want your family to feel more financial pressure in this season.

We’ll resource you

We expect you’ll continue leading, so we’ll send you monthly encouragement to continue encountering God, risking real relationship, discovering your direction and leading.

We’ll continue to pray for you

We believe in the future God has in store for you. We will continue to pray that He will direct your paths in these crazy times.

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