We focus on so much more than just your onstage skills. To make you an effective worship leader we focus on helping you build a solid theological foundation, develop your skills as a music director, train you in team and volunteer development, and so much more.

Your experience in the Worship Concentration will dramatically widen your area of expertise.

Morgan | Worship Leader at Bayside Church | Thrive School Class of 2018
Christian | Worship Leader at Bayside Church | Thrive School Class of 2016
Kennedy | Worship Resident | Thrive School Class of 2019
Chris | Worship Leader at Bayside Church | Thrive School Class of 2016
Heidi | Worship Leader at Bayside Church | Thrive School Class of 2017
Bailey | Worship Resident | Thrive School Class of 2019

Hands on Learning.

The Worship Major has a huge focus on hands-on learning. That's because the same people who actually find and hire new Worship staff at Bayside Church designed the program - so we know that experience is what really counts on a resume.

From our staff worship leaders and musicians to the programming and production teams that make services happen, your instructors and leaders are actually doing the things they teach, in real ministry, every day.

Worship Team

Josh Guerrero
Thrive School Worship Director

Dave Roediger
Thrive School Production Director

Brenna Sullivan
Executive Administrator

Lee Fields
Executive Worship Pastor

Tyler DeYoung
Executive Worship Pastor

Masterclass Instructors

Corbin Phillips
Master Class Instructor

Peter Burton
Master Class Instructor

Charmaine Wells
Master Class Instructor

Melinda Watts
Master Class Instructor

Masterclass Drum & Leadership Instructor

Testimonial Image

Coming to Thrive School was a big step of Faith. Little did I know how much God was going to do in my heart during this season. God has shown Himself more faithful than I could ever imagine.

Heidi Cesaretti

Worship Leader at Bayside Davis, Class of 2017
Testimonial Image

This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting to work alongside a talented and passionate team that is always willing to help is truly a blessing. I’ve been given opportunities I had only dreamed of. I absolutely love where I am right now in life, and that’s because of Thrive School.

Teddy Salmon

Worship Student, Class of 2017
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Thrive school has shown me the definition of grace. This is a program where it’s okay to be messy, and that through it all, you're reminded God is still standing right next to you, ready to catch you.

Kennedy Krogh

Worship Resident, Class of 2020