Modern churches have an increasing need for well-trained, experienced production professionals - and that's what this track prepares you to be.

The instructors you'll be learning from are world-class engineers, pro touring designers, and (most importantly) local church workers at heart.

Here's a quick glance at what your year as a production student will look like:

Thrive Summit | Roseville, CA | Online Conference 2020
City Serve | Golden 1 Center | Sacramento, CA
Dan Jarrett | Bayside Production Manager
City Serve | Golden 1 Center | Sacramento, CA
Lee Fields | Production Director
Christmas at Bayside | Roseville, CA

Beyond the sound booth.

There are intangible skills developed during late night load-ins, troubleshooting just minutes before doors open, and actually making it happen behind a console that you just can’t learn anywhere else. That's why the Production Internship has such a focus on hands-on learning.

You'll learn the three main worlds of live production: Audio, Video, and Lighting, along with the rare skill that ties them all together: Production Management. This is how it works when you’re grinding it out on a tour, so that’s the experience we developed at Thrive School.

Production Team

David Roediger
Thrive School Production Director

Josh Guerraro
Thrive School Worship Director

Brenna Sullivan
Executive Administrator

Jake Cody
Senior Production Manager

Tyler Kaneshiro
Production Manager,
Granite Bay

Dan Jarrett
Production Manager

Jake Floch
Video Director

Testimonial Image

When I started working in ministry at 21, I quickly found out that I wasn’t remotely prepared for what the job really required. I actually quit to join Thrive School. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Luke Elrod

Production Student, Class of 2016
Testimonial Image

I came into Thrive School wanting to learn about sound and lighting from professionals that I looked up to. However I ended up getting so much more!

I learned invaluable insights on discipleship and leadership. Most importantly, my relationship with God grew immensely.

Kyle Merkle

Production Student, Class of 2020
Testimonial Image

Since coming to Thrive School I've been able to learn from some of the most talented Live Video Producers. With each conference and event I have been given opportunities that have helped me grow in my leadership and production skills.

Addie Wanner

Production Student, Class of 2020