Host Home Survey

This will help us place you with the right Host Family, and will let them get to know you before you move in! If you have specific questions, complete this form first, and then email Heidi White.

Let us know what your living situations will be!
Name *
Are you filling this out as a first year student or as a second year student?
Will you have your own car? *
Remember, an insured vehicle is a requirement at Thrive School.
What's the best description of your sleeping style? *
Mainly asking about your preferences for down time.
Again, asking mainly about down time.
Specific things that tend to get on your nerves.
How do you personally feel about movies, music, TV, and language in the environment around you? This question is not required, but it can be helpful when matching you to a host family.
Your Immediate Family
Close enough to Sacramento that you could visit for dinner
Communication *
Choose the best answer for your immediate family.
I was expected to let my family know where I was and what I was doing all of the time.
I frequently talk about my goals and life plans with my family, and really enjoy the conversation.
Think about the most recent time you lived with your immediate family. Did you do a lot of chores? Take care of pets or siblings? How strictly were you expected to clean up after yourself?
If any details about your home life would help us match you up with a better host family for you, please let us know.
A traditional family might be a really good change for you, or perhaps you just want somewhere quiet and predictable to crash. Let us know what an ideal situation would look like to you.
The family loves video games, there's a pool, they have kids, they love the outdoors, really fast wi-fi, etc.
If you have any pet allergies, make sure you list them in the 'Allergies' response at the beginning of the survey.
Introduce Yourself
This is what your host family will see before you move in.
Talk about your personality, your family, your life experience, and show your sense of humor. What's your favorite way to relax? Favorite sports teams? Coke or Pepsi?
Where in the country, or world? Are you moving from your parents' house, or a dorm, or your own place? Etc.