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We think preparing you for effective ministry and preparing you to stand out on a resume go hand-in-hand.

Here at Thrive School, you'll get focused career training while working towards your college degree, and doing real ministry with our high impact teams at Bayside Church in Northern California. Thrive School's one to two-year program is the best way to make your passion your career.




Developing your skills for a life of ministry is vital - but your personal growth is what keeps our team up at night. We’re fanatically committed to seeing you develop as a Christ-follower, as an individual, as a friend, and as a leader. Learn More >



Leadership at its core is a decision to reject current reality and fight for change. Your internship will give you hands on experience with ministry and prepare you for leadership in the marketplace. Learn More >


Your academic success is very important to us. The courses you take will bring you closer to meeting your educational goals. Classes are taken online and on-campus. Graduate Thrive School with your Associates Degree in a variety of options. Learn More >




The Host Home program is a crucial part of Thrive School.

In short, Bayside families open a spare bedroom (and fridge) to a Thrive School student for a school year.

In fact, many of our students are only financially able to pursue their ministry goals because of the generosity of Host families.

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Thrive School was born out of the heart of Bayside Church in Northern California. Bayside is known as The Church For People Who Don't Like Church - no pews or stained glass and the music is loud.

Bayside's mission statement is simple: Reach Wide, Teach Deep, and Unleash Compassion. 

We are nationally known for the Thrive Leadership Conference, Apologetics conference, and Unleashed Students Conference. In the community, we are known for our Serve Day projects and "that one church that does a lot of stuff." We believe in loving our community like Christ does.




If you’re confident in your call to ministry and are ready to put it into practice, joining our team as a Staff Lead could be the perfect fit. You’re working as a real part of the Thrive School staff and leading Thrive School students from your very first week here.