Enrollment Process Overview

Congratulations again on your acceptance into Thrive School! Now that you've paid your tuition deposit, you're an official student - but you still need to complete your enrollment process as soon as possible, and it absolutely must be done before moving to Thrive School.

You should plan to finish the enrollment process in the next two weeks. This is totally doable!

Each step will require you to enter your name, so please use your full name as done on your application. This is extremely important, because if you do not correctly include this number where requested in each step, we may not be able to verify that you have completed enrollment.

Use the menu on the left to work through these steps one at a time, starting with the Commitment Form and finishing with Host Home Survey.

If you need help, just ask - we want to make this as easy as possible! Here are your support contacts specifically for enrollment questions. Click on a name below to send them an email:


Southeastern University, Release Forms, Financial Commitment: Shannon Jones

Host Homes: Heidi White

General Questions: Erin Brunswick

Let's get started! Hit "Commitment Form" in the left-side menu.