In Thrive School you will apply for one of the following three internship concentrations.



Learn the tools you need to be an effective leader in ministry or the marketplace.

Leadership at its core is a decision to reject current reality and fight for change. Pastoral Leadership is learning to bring about that change by caring for people in the way Jesus modeled for us. Effecting change is never easy, but in this major, you'll learn how to lead yourself, lead others, and create systems to support change.

See the full list of Leadership Concentration internship opportunities below.



The church needs versatile pros. Answer the call.

There are intangible skills developed during late night load-ins, troubleshooting with minutes before doors open, and actually making it happen behind a console that you just can’t learn anywhere else. That's why the Production Major has such a focus on hands-on learning.



Invest in your skills onstage. Develop expertise offstage.

To work in a growing church, it takes a lot more than onstage skill. You have to have a solid theological foundation for worship, be a capable music director, be able to build a team, train volunteers, navigate a church staff, and so much more. That’s what we’re going to train you to do.