Bayside's five campuses host about 18,000 people every weekend in 20 services, and it's all managed by the same central staff team. In fact, teaching pastors, worship leaders, and musicians rotate between campuses all the time. We believe that this many people coming through the doors isn't itself success; it's an opportunity (and big responsibility) that God's given us to help a lot of people get closer to God and closer to each other. 


Students drive culture and deserve the focus of the church. This has been a core value at Bayside since day one. Student ministries around Bayside, from first grade to college, are just as high of a priority as weekend services are - great weekends without great relationships (built during the week) don’t help students grow. In Thrive School, you'll spend a lot of time with Junior High and High School students - leading worship, making awesome midweek services happen, and investing in student small groups. You'll also accompany about 1000 other people on our yearly mission trip to Mexicali, Mexico, and cap it all off at the Unleashed student conference in January.


There are a couple times every year that people are a whole lot more likely to walk into a church - Christmas and Easter - and we think that's awesome. Especially at Christmas, we try to make the most of the season by creating an experience that people can't help but tell their neighbors about. Last year 30,000 people came through our Christmas services, and (much more importantly) over a thousand made decisions to follow Jesus. We use every resource God’s given our team to get people in the door to hear the Good News - and then watch the Holy Spirit do his work. We're humbled and amazed every year. How much longer until December?


Bayside's focus on students goes into overdrive at our summer kids camp - Breakaway. Thousands of elementary school kids take over our campuses for week-long camps that look a heck of a lot like Disney - full production sessions with worship and live drama, extreme sports and hundreds of activities - all built on the message that Jesus wants to be in every kid's life forever! Our worship and songwriting teams also produce a full-length album of original music each year - something Worship majors have a big role in.


At Bayside, we're passionate about helping churches however we can. A perfect example is the yearly Thrive conference - where 3000 church leaders from around the world get together for three days of leadership training, worship, connection with other pastors, and - most of all - encouragement. Leading a church is difficult work, so we do everything in our power to make sure that these pastors are refreshed and have some time to catch a fresh vision from God that they can take back home. Worship and Production Majors are instrumental in making this happen.



Bayside Church started with a few families and a milk carton stage in 1996, and has since grown to be an influential voice in community involvement, ministry development, and event production across the country. It's lead by a team of four Senior Pastors; Ray Johnston (who founded it), Andrew McCourt (who led the largest church in Belfast, Ireland), Curt Harlow (20 year veteran of college campus ministry), and Lincoln Brewster (recording artist and songwriter).

Bayside is known as The Church For People Who Don't Like Church - no pews or stained glass, and the music's loud. If you wear a tie on stage, there's a good chance Pastor Ray will walk out and cut it off (it's happened before). Bayside doesn't hold to a lot of traditions, on purpose - they can so easily get in the way of the mission: to Reach Wide, Teach Deep, and Unleash Compassion.